. . . But tension is to be loved when it is like a passing note to a beautiful, beautiful cord.
– Sixpence None the Richer

Like so many dreamers and doers, movers and shakers out there, I have a lot of resistance when it comes to my passionate artistic pursuits.

There is perpetual illness; my own and in the ones I care for. There is little to no time after the urgent and important work of each day is done. There is little to no money after the budget is complete and bills are paid. There is an emotional and mental deficit at the end of most days when I finally enter my creative space or sit down to write.

These and a hundred other cords of tension press and pull upon me. They beat upon me. I fall, bruised and seemingly weakened by the fight, destined to lose, prepared to forfeit my dreams again to the hostility of unrelenting demands.

But then, I hear it. It’s coming from the hills. Around a bend. I can’t see it, but I catch the melody on the wind calling me to my creative heart and the work I do. My heart begins to beat in time with the rhythm of this distant symphony, with the vibration of these reverberating cords.

And somehow, like a piece of fine silk, this gentle refrain is stronger than that which weighs me down. I rise and step forward, somehow finding my legs stronger, my head clearer. The melody woos me and I press into the wind. The rhythm directs my stride. And in this journey, I learn that tension and resistance is not to be feared. It is friend. For, in the end, it is the unyielding pressure that creates character and interest. It is what makes us shine like a diamond.

And it is the discordant note lingering for who knows how long, our pathway to that generous note of resolve.

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