(Originally written December 2015)

The other day I took my kids to a nearby field with an enormous swing set. It’s a unique spot where we get to freely run, sing, picnic, swing, and enjoy the warm autumn sun on our faces. But it is a field and, as such, is wanting for things like rocks.

As we headed out the door, I said to my kids, “Our advent activity today is to collect stones for our nature table. Help me look for rocks, ok!” I said it knowing full well that the only “stones” we would find would be ugly gravel from the parking lot, but I held a little hoped and they didn’t think much of it.

Then, a couple hours later, we were exploring around a grove of trees. “Momma, look! I found rocks!” said my little boy. And he had. He had found the mother lode, as in about fifteen pounds of polished river stones, all about the size of a quarter. For nearly an hour, we examined and gathered as many smooth stones as our mesh produce bag could hold and left another ten pounds behind.

I’m facing so many seeming impossibilities these days. Relationships that will not mend, an anxiety disorder I can’t defeat, career, and money uncertainties. You have your list of impossibilities, too. But somewhere there is a grassy green field with a hidden treasure for us. We can hardly believe that what we need is there. Reason and logic say it shouldn’t be there. But help our unbelief, it just might be. Polished gems. Against all odds.

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